Hiring Myanmar Staff

If you’re looking to start a business in Myanmar you’ll likely need to find some local staff. There are a few commonly used methods for hiring employees in Myanmar. The first and easiest is to simply ask current employees to recommend a friend, a cousin, or somebody from their neighborhood. This works surprisingly well as Myanmar is a pretty integrated society with many people finding jobs through personal connections.

If this method doesn’t work, another commonly used method is to advertise in a journal. Journals in Myanmar are basically weekly newspapers. The most commonly used journal to advertise job vacancies is “A Kwint A Lan” which is dedicated to job listings. The English version of the Myanmar Times also has classified ads at the back which some people use to find jobs.
Another method, which is gaining in popularity, are job websites. These include:

It is common for most levels of employees to have a basic CV written in English which usually includes their picture. In Myanmar, unlike in many western countries, it is not illegal to specify the gender of employee you’d like to hire or their age. A common job listing will look something like this:

Driver Wanted

  • Male in good health
  • Age 25-40
  • Valid driver’s license and at least 5 years of driving experience
Please apply in person with a CV and your expected salary to:
Shwe Company Ltd.
1234 Pyay Rd. Hlaing Township, Yangon


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