Cancel and Refund

Must read page for Cancel and Refund when you apply Myanmar Visa for visa on arrival.

1. Cancellation

If you change your plan or have a certain reason that you have to postpone/ delay your travel, the best practice is to send us an email as soon as possible.
As your visa application is processed right when we receive your application, your fast communication is highly appreciated.
Kindly note that if your application is processed, there will be no refund if you apply and pay online.
In case you apply through mail and inform us your cancellation before our staff visit the Embassy, we will make the full refund (minus the service fee).

2. Refund Policy

In case of denied applications without changes or changes are made in appropriate time, refund will be as:
  • Denied applications will be refund 100%
  • With errors made by client and request to arrange a new correct one : $40/ application will be surcharged to apply for a new one instead of full $80
  • No refund will be applied if your visa is already processed !
  • With our company's errors, we will refund 100% fee or arrange the new one correctly.
  • cannot process refunds for Credit Card payments over 6 months old. Credit cannot be applied to applications submitted through other agencies or applications submitted to Consulates directly. We reserve the right to modify these refund policy without prior notice.

3. Refund amount

Once you received our email indicating that your application is processed, that means we already worked on your it. There is no refund is this case if you want to cancel even your application is declined by unexpected reasons from Government.
Kindly understand that to receive and transfer the money to/ from us, we will bare a certain amount of bank transferring fee from one country to another.
If you paid for fast visa application of $90, the total amount of refund will be $80
If you paid for normal visa processing of $80, the total amount of refund will be $70

How long does it take to get your money back ?

The whole refunding process may take up to 3 weeks according to the banking system.
If you pay by paypal, the refund will be done within 5 working days.

We appreciate any contact in case you do not have your money in the certain time and we will surely check on the transaction until you get your money back.

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