Payment Instruction

For visa fee payment, we offer the convenient, secured online payment gate that are familiar with many travelers all over the world. Our payment instruction guides you to see how it work and verify some minor problem in case the payment does not go through.


1.1. Direct payment on site with Onepay

OnePay company successfully combines with Vietnam Commercial Bank and International MasterCard Organization to implement OnePay.

Providing an easy and secure to use, the customers can settle payment online to anyone anytime in different convenient places around the world. What a fast and simple payment! Visa Card, master Card, Amex Card and JCB card are accepted with this payment gate.

Fill out the secure online form with your passport details for your Vietnam visa-upon-arrival then click submit. After that it will show to the payment option page. If you choose consistent payment option by credit card via, our site will redirect you to page. You will be required to provide your personal and credit card details.

1.2 Method of payment by credit card through PayPal (www.Paypal.Com)

PayPal is the E-pocket operated by a US Company. You can pay using Visa Card, MasterCard, Amex Card, Discover Card or PayPal account. Especially this payment gateway does not require you to have an account on it. You can settle the payment online to us directly with your credit card.

We will send you the email so that you can pay to once you choose paying through paypal.

1.3. Method of payment by Western Union

Western Union payment gateway is the payment transfer money directly to receiver name. This is too easy than others because you just need bring cash to any Western Union agents and ask them to send to receiver name. After finishing sending money procedure, the Western Union agent will give you the money transfer control number (MTCN with 10 numbers) for getting money after 15 minutes. You please forward that code or payment receipt to us via email

To make payment by western union, we will send you the full details via email.


2.1 The bank issuer has declined your transaction.

This payment error often appears with the cards, which were not registered to make the international online transaction.

Solution: You have to contact the issuer bank by the number on the card ‘s back side for the registration to make the international payment online.

2.2 Insufficient fund

For some cases, especially with a multi-cities booking, the final amount is over the passenger ‘s credit card limit. Hence, the payment could not be made.

Solution : applicants have to extend their fund by transfer more money into or change for another card with a higher limit.

2.3 Time out payment error.

This payment error often appear when the transaction could not be made by the technical, delayed Internet connection or computer reason. Solution: check back your computer, your antivirus or others relevant application to lower the security level. If you feel your Internet connection is not running very well, we suggest that you should look for somewhere else with a better Internet speed to assure that you will not pay that twice.



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