Apply Myanmar Visa from USA

Obtaining Myanmar Visa from UNITED STATES is compulsory. Myanmar Government allows travelers to obtain Myanmar Visa by 2 different way:

Visa on arrival

Myanmar Visa is a must for all US citizens who have plan to visit Myanmar for both visiting and business purposes.
Myanmar Government offers visa on arrival ( known as pre-arranged visa on arrival ) for all United State passport holder living in any state of the country.

Visa on arrival is good for a stay of 28 days, possible to extend 2 weeks more for tourism purpose, 70 days for business purpose. The Myanmar Visa On Arrival is guaranteed !

Advantage of this method: no need real passport, fast process, can apply all the time, can pay by credit card and we do support online if you have any question all the week. It takes only 2 to 5 days to get the visa letter.

To apply for on arrival Myanmar Visa from Australia , please follow the button below:

Apply Myanmar Visa Now

To apply for on arrival Myanmar Business Visa from Australia , please follow the button below:

Apply Myanmar Business Visa Now

Getting Myanmar Visa through the Embassy

First of all, please check if there is an embassy in your country : Myanmar Embassy List
Practically, you need to visit the Embassy or contact them for all the requirements needed. Depends on the workload of the Embassy and their policy, you will have the visa after the certain time. Original passport and photographs are required when obtaining the visa. You can apply visa on arrival if you do not have time to visit the embassy.

Note: currently, who travel by cruise/ ship or cross the border from Thailand, India or China through the official border gate should obtain the visa through the embassy.
You can enter Myanmar at any arrival ports with this Embassy visa (paper visa)

For foreigners staying/ living in UNITED STATES

The first step is to check if your nationality is listed in visa United Statesemption list at our site.
You can apply through the embassy if there is a Myanmar Embassy in the country you stay. You can also apply for visa on arrival.

If you have any question about visa, please contact our expert.



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